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Look (xxxtentacion song) - wikipedia, It is xxxtentacion's first and second highest-charting single behind "jocelyn flores", which peaked at number 31. however, this is his longest-charting song, making it into the billboard year-end hot 100 singles of 2017 at number 99..

Xxxtentacion’ friend, jocelyn flores, commits suicide, Xxxtentacion took to social media to discuss a very serious topic. x told social media his friend jocelyn committed suicide upon visiting him a few days ago. “a few days ago, i went though something i went through before, but not exactly in this term..
Xxxtentacion - jocelyn flores (chords), Tune slightly flat to be in tune with the recording. [intro: shiloh dynasty] ab cm bb i know you so well, so well ab cm bb i mean, i can do anything that he can i've been pretty [bridge: xxx.
Xxxtentacion - jocelyn flores (chords), [chords] cm7 eb gm/d gm7/d with a flattened 7th xox e|-----| b|-----4----8--x----3----3--x-----| g|-----3----6--x----3----3--x-----| d|-----.