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Over rainbow - wikipedia, "over the rainbow" is a ballad, with music by harold arlen and lyrics by yip harburg. it was written for the movie the wizard of oz and was sung by actress judy garland, in her starring role as dorothy gale..
World idol - wikipedia, World idol (germany: superstar weltweit, middle east: superstar el alaam) was the title of a one-off international version of the television show pop idol, featuring winners of the various national idol shows around the world competing against each other..
2007 british music charts - wikipedia, January. 2007 began with the introduction of new chart rules meaning that all songs legally downloaded over the internet can count towards chart positions, whether or not a "physical" version of a song is available to purchase..

Louis armstrong - biography - imdb, Louis armstrong grew up poor in a single-parent household. he was 13 when he celebrated the new year by running out on the street and firing a pistol.
7 louis armstrong songs - smooth, He was one of the all-time greatest musicians, let alone jazz stars. and now that the royal family has introduced prince louis to the world, we couldn't help but think of perhaps the world's most famous and favourite namesake: louis armstrong..
The louis armstrong discography: releases, Home / discographies / the louis armstrong discography. the louis armstrong discography: releases. louis armstrong's vast recorded legacy has been well represented during the lp and cd eras. as a musician whose ouvre is almost universally considered to be artistically important, many of the rereleases have been remastered at high levels of quality and documented with meticulously researched.