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Unmoved mover - wikipedia, The unmoved mover (ancient greek: ὃ οὐ κινούμενον κινεῖ, translit. ho ou kinoúmenos kineî, lit. 'that which moves without being moved') or prime mover (latin: primum movens) is a concept advanced by aristotle as a primary cause or "mover" of all the motion in the universe..
Self-sustainability - wikipedia, Self-sustainability and self-sufficiency are overlapping states of being in which a person or organization needs little or no help from, or interaction with, others. self-sufficiency entails the self being enough (to fulfill needs), and a self-sustaining entity can maintain self-sufficiency indefinitely..
Taos, mexico - wikipedia, Taos / t aʊ s / is a town in taos county in the north-central region of new mexico in the sangre de cristo mountains, incorporated in of the 2010 census, its population was 5,716..

Strange electromagnetic dimensions: science , strange electromagnetic dimensions: the science of the unexplainable (9781601633279): louis proud: books.
Amazon.: chicken soup soul: dreams , chicken soup for the soul: dreams and the unexplainable: 101 eye-opening stories about premonitions and miracles (9781611599718): amy newmark, kelly sullivan walden: books.
Largest selection binaural & isochronic brain waves, More than 90 brainwave entrainment programs with various functions, optional binaural beats and isochronic tones with ambient music for each audio; access desired brainwave states(alpha,beta,theta) of different frequencies..