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List food wars! shokugeki soma episodes - wikipedia, List of food wars! shokugeki no soma episodes which draws out umami from scallops and simmered dried vegetables while also using a flavor-changing sauce..
Glutamate flavoring - wikipedia, Glutamate flavoring is a generic name for flavor-enhancing compounds based on glutamic acid and its salts (glutamates). these compounds provide an umami (savory) taste to food..
Amami rabbit - wikipedia, The amami rabbit (pentalagus furnessi; amami: ), or amamino kuro usagi (アマミノクロウサギ 奄美野黒兔, lit."amami wild black rabbit"), also known as the ryukyu rabbit, is a primitive, dark-furred rabbit which is only found in amami Ōshima and toku-no-shima, two small islands between southern kyūshū and okinawa in kagoshima.

Dinner menu - cantinetta luca, Little gem, charred endive, anchovy, parmesan, olive oil croutons : $15: mixed head lettuce, crab, citrus segments, buttermilk dressing $18.
Coconut flour apple crumble (nut-free) - love , ½ c coconut flour 1 c coconut flakes ½ c palm sugar (turbandino or other non-refined dry sugar, just not in liquid form).
Tatsu - ramen soul, Soul ramen. homemade tonkotsu broth, black garlic oil and sweet umami sauce. served with ground beef and a choice of pork, chicken or tofu..