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Self-publishing - wikipedia, Up until two decades ago, self-publishing used to be described by the negative term vanity press with the connotation that the only reason that a book was being printed was to satisfy the author’s personal ego..
List american novelists - wikipedia, This is a list of novelists from the united states, listed with titles of a major work for each.. this is not intended to be a list of every american (born u.s. citizen, naturalized citizen, or long-time resident alien) who has published a novel..
List proverbial phrases - wikipedia, A. phrases beginning with the article "a" should be sought alphabetically under the first letter of the second word.. a bad penny always turns up; a bad workman blames his tools..

Getting wrong — greater fool – authored garth turner, It’s been a bad few days for the doomers. houston sinks into a watery morass, taking the energy biz with it and gas spikes. north korea’s dipstick leader overflies japan with a missile, trump erupts, but markets go up and gold shrugs. canadian housing sputters and limps, but the banks bring in.
In 70s - slang terms seventies, Slang and terms of the 70s, words and phrases that helped define the decade.
Travel &, Q – we are headed to mexico to look around san miguel de allende for a possible retirement retreat. the prices just can’t be beat and there is a huge ex-pat american community..