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Viva la vida death friends - wikipedia, Some of the paintings were shown on a screen during the viva la vida world tour, or used on big balloons inside of the venues. there were three covers for the album..
Toni braxton - wikipedia, Braxton cemented her diva status in the music industry in 2006, with her las vegas residency toni braxton: revealed, by becoming the first african american performer in las vegas to have her act enter the top ten vegas shows charting..
Nine nails - wikipedia, Several labels responded favorably to the demo material and reznor appearing to be dead, in a lodger-esque pose and we had a camera with a big weather balloon filled with helium hooked up to it … the first one we did, we started the film, i was laying on the ground and the ropes that were holding the balloon snapped, the camera just took off into the atmosphere … the camera landed two.