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Babel ~stairway heaven~ pop' 19 - youtube, This song is copyrighted by konami. name: babel ~stairway to heaven~ from: pop'n music 19 tune street (bonus soundtrack) artist: bpo.
Led zeppelin: celebration day deluxe blu-ray, Led zeppelin: celebration day features both a lossless dts-hd master audio 5.1 surround mix as well as an uncompressed lpcm 2.0 stereo fold down. both of these tracks offer really vigorous sonic clarity, although the 5.1 track makes plant's occasional thinness more apparent, as he tends to get just ever so slightly buried in the ambient hall.
The year led zeppelin: day 239: 6/21/1977 los angeles, ca, The song remains the same, sick again, nobody's fault but mine, over the hills and far away, since i've been loving you, no quarter, ten years gone, the battle of evermore, going to california, black country woman, bron-y-aur stomp, white summer/black mountain side, kashmir, over the top, heartbreaker, achilles last stand, stairway to heaven.