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Mappila - wikipedia, Mappila, also known as a mappila muslim, formerly romanized as moplah and historically as jonaka mappila, in general, is a member of the muslim community of the same name found predominantly in kerala, southern india. muslims of kerala, of which mappila community make up a large majority, constitute 26.56% of the population of the state (2011), and as a religious group they are the second.
Josh (2000 film) - wikipedia, Josh (transl. zeal; hindi pronunciation: ) is a 2000 indian action drama film directed and co-written by mansoor khan.the film stars shah rukh khan, aishwarya rai, chandrachur singh and sharad kapoor in the lead roles. the hindi language film, with occasional konkani, was set and filmed in goa. the film is set in the 1980s amidst the backdrop of real estate deals in a fictional town in goa..
List snack foods indian subcontinent - wikipedia, This is a list of indian snack foods.snack foods are a significant aspect of indian cuisine, and are sometimes referred to as chaat.

Mangalorean catholics - wikipedia, Mangalorean catholics (konkani: kodialchein katholik) are an ethno-religious community of catholics following the latin rite from the mangalore diocese (erstwhile south canara district) on the southwestern coast of karnataka, india. they are konkani people and speak the konkani language.. contemporary mangalorean catholics are descended mainly from goan catholics who migrated to south canara.
Songs goa, Mando. mandos as pdf file. editorial date of the lyrics: 27th march, 2005. these songs with staff-notation are available on the links with the names of the authors and the books in which they were published..
Goa property finder! view 100s goa properties , With the goa property finder, finding your goa house or goa property is easy. to locate your dream goa house, apartment or goan villa, use the above goa property search panels or select your preference from different goa property options from the tables below.