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Casefile true crime podcast - wikipedia, Each case includes a corresponding page on the podcast's official homepage, which details information such as special thank yous, official support phone numbers and websites (for australia, the uk, the us, canada and new zealand), other credits, and resources (such as books, websites, videos, documents, articles, maps, wanted posters, and suspect sketches), as in this example..
Google tv - wikipedia, Google tv is a discontinued smart tv platform from google co-developed by intel, sony, and logitech that was launched in october 2010 with official devices initially made by sony and logitech..
Touch records - wikipedia, Corey rusk continues to run the label. similarly to some other alternative music labels, such as factory records in the uk and punk label dischord records in the us, touch and go pursued a relaxed approach to recording contracts, characterized by handshake deals providing for a 50-50 split of profits between artist and label after promotion and production costs..