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Anthropic principle - wikipedia, The anthropic principle is a philosophical consideration that observations of the universe must be compatible with the conscious and sapient life that observes it. some proponents of the anthropic principle reason that it explains why this universe has the age and the fundamental physical constants necessary to accommodate conscious life..
Universe - wikipedia, The universe is all of space and time and their contents, including planets, stars, galaxies, and all other forms of matter and energy.while the spatial size of the entire universe is still unknown, it is possible to measure the observable universe..
Drug liberalization - wikipedia, Drug liberalization is the process of eliminating or reducing drug prohibition laws. variations of drug liberalization include: drug legalization, drug relegalization and drug decriminalization..

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Entertainment | channels | observer, How do i whitelist observer? below are steps you can take in order to whitelist on your browser: for adblock: click the adblock button on your browser and select don't run on pages on this domain.. for adblock plus on google chrome:.
The 50 worst cars: list -time lemons | time, Time magazine and pulitzer-prize winning automotive critic dan neil run down the 50 worst cars ever produced..